"Heroes near"

The objectives of the program «Heroes near» are encouraging and content sharing co-production of programs on socially relevant themes between the independent media in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The series «Heroes near» with the timing of 15-20 minutes has been successfully included in the broadcasting network of many television channels of the region. The program narrates about the stories of ordinary people who independently solve the problems of the communities in which they live.

We present the ninth edition of the projects program «Heroes Near» — the most inspirational, sincere, important stories about people who are changing the world.

Football fever. Kyrgyzstan.

What do you need to play football? — Players, ball and flat green field. But to be a proficient player, you have to train in the modern stadiums, equipped with all necessary stuff.

In the villages of Kyrgyzstan there are no such stadiums. Therefore, the local residents are determined to solve this sport issue on their own.

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