Supporting the access to information

«Internews» activities to improve the access of citizens to critical information is aimed at improving the effectiveness of public administration.

«Internews» is strengthening regional cooperation among independent media in the Central Asian regions; The sustainability of independent media in the transition to digital broadcasting throughout Central Asia; Diversity and professionalism of traditional and new media.

“Fergana” website is blocked by the court’s decision

On 9 June, the October District Court of Bishkek declared the article of the journalist Ulugbek Babakulov to be “extremist”.   Earlier, the Attorney General’s Office of Kyrgyz Republic...

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Date: 14 июня 17

How journalists should report on elections

Internews in Kyrgyzstan in cooperation with The Central Electoral Commission and IFES with the assistance of USAID organized a two-day seminar for journalists “The method of reporting on the...

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Date: 12 июня 17

Daniil Kislov: “In Central Asia, There Is No Demand For Quality News And Professional Journalism”

Today the Chief Editor of the news agency “Ferghana.Ru” Daniil Kislov, within the framework of the meeting-seminar FIDH with human rights activists of Kyrgyzstan, took the floor regarding “Freedom...

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Date: 8 июня 16

Internews Started a Series of Free Webinars in Kyrgyz

Local journalists, experts in online media, video graphics, and radio act as speakers for webinars. Internews hold this event every month.     Kyrgyz speaking journalists got an additional...

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Date: 18 апреля 16

Training in the safety of journalists portends its relevance in the future

Two-day training, which took place in Osh, was devoted to the safety of journalists. On February 7-8, 2015, the Public Broadcasting Company "Yntymak" conducted a training on "The safety...

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Date: 10 февраля 15