Supporting the access to information

The objectives of the «Heroes Near» program are to stimulate and content exchange the of joint productions of programs on socially significant topics between independent media in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The «Heroes Near» series program with the timing of 15-20 minutes has been successfully included in the broadcasting network of many television channels of the region. The program is about the stories of ordinary people who solve the community’s problems independently.

Participants of the Second Freedom Forum encouraged the president to withdraw the lawsuits against journalists

The Committee for Freedom of Expression’s Protection held the Second Freedom Forum today, on August 30, in Bishkek well-known public figures, politicians, civil activists and representatives of the independent...

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Date: 30 августа 17

Yntymak Radio/TV Rebuilds Peace in Kyrgyzstan

OSH, Kyrgyzstan — Helping warring ethnic communities find peace is a tall order for any broadcaster. But this is the mandate for Yntymak (the Kyrgyz word for “harmony”), a...

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Date: 10 августа 17

Statement of the Independent Journalists Union of Kyrgyzstan

  Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for non-state media to play the role of the fourth estate. Independence, as it turned out, is very expensive.   This significance...

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Date: 5 июля 17

Special Report-making in Kyrgyzstan at the Present Time and its Outlook

  In early April, Internews and the republican training center of media communications (RTCMC) at the KTRK, together conducted a seminar on "Production of a special report on TV."...

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Date: 24 апреля 17

Internews has supported the production of social reality show about girls with disabilities

Public Foundation “Rentgen Media” made this project in the genre, unusual for Central Asia, and the former Soviet Union, where they are accustomed to the socio-dramatic material for people with disabilities. They...

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Date: 29 июня 16

To Be Clear About Gender Stereotypes

Men and women are beings from different planets. This axiom was proved for a long time ago, and daily millions of people confirm it from different corners of the...

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Date: 30 мая 16

Community Mass Media Increase Financial Literacy of Inhabitants of Regions

Svetlana from Talas on waves of a communal radio station “Radiomost” tells that she is engaged in production and sale of sewing products during seven years. Annually, she takes...

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Date: 19 мая 16

Internews Started a Series of Free Webinars in Kyrgyz

Local journalists, experts in online media, video graphics, and radio act as speakers for webinars. Internews hold this event every month.     Kyrgyz speaking journalists got an additional...

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Date: 18 апреля 16

Training in the safety of journalists portends its relevance in the future

Two-day training, which took place in Osh, was devoted to the safety of journalists. On February 7-8, 2015, the Public Broadcasting Company "Yntymak" conducted a training on "The safety...

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Date: 10 февраля 15

Internews Network launches new regional Project “Access to information” in cooperation with USAID

A new three-year, Access to Information Project (A2i), will be implemented by Internews Network in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with the support of the American People through the United...

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Date: 24 ноября 14


Annual Report 

Internews. Access to information Program

October 1,2015-September 30,2016

Rinat Bogdanov, Reporting/Information System Manager
Менеджер информационных систем и отчетности
Valentina Galich, Online Advisor
Cоветник по онлайн