Media and Civil participation for Transparency and Accountability

The project is dedicated to overcoming of the gap between civil society and media community in Kyrgyzstan for the sake of collaborative work on the development of society, based on the supremacy of law and the development of culture of transparency and accountability. The project aims at the achievement of the following specific purposes:



  • Enhancement of the capacity of civil society in the promotion of the main principles of the supremacy of law and activation of citizens on the issues of transparency and accountability.
  • High quality reporting on themes of the supremacy of law implemented by the representatives of mass media.IMG_7062
  • The project created an anticorruption platformwith its partner, Kloop Media Foundation, at, for the public to submit their complaints related to human rights violations in all areas. The platform is designed to become a source of information for potential journalistic investigations. It is gradually becoming more popular through the word of mouth and due to journalistic investigations based on information submitted by the readers. Journalistic investigations are published on the platform as well;
  • Media and civil society networks established for all interested journalists, civic activists and NGOs. So far, during its monthly meetings members discussed submissions to the aforementioned platform, share knowledge and insights on how to develop independent media conducive to rule of law in the country;


Terms of the project: April 2015 – July 2017

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The Kyrgyz Women – Active, Confident, Inspiring (part 1)

Unique stories, each of which filled with courage, optimism and faith in their own power to change the present and the future to improve. RP Media Center “Demge dem”...

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Date: 3 августа 17

The Kyrgyz Women – Active, Confident, Inspiring (part 2)

The partner of Internews the Media-center “Demge-dem” created the next six special reports about Kyrgyz women. Heroines of special reports are girls and women of different nationalities from different...

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Date: 3 октября 16

Journalistic Investigation: “Access to Education of Children with Limited Opportunities in Osh City”

Partners of Internews, the Public Fund “Ulybka” (Osh city) together with a creative group of NTS TV channel, represent the journalistic investigation on a subject: “Access to education of children...

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Date: 2 августа 16

11 Journalistic investigations have started In Kyrgyzstan

In June 2016, 11 journalistic investigations have started for the purpose of promotion of culture of transparency and accountability in Kyrgyzstan. Ten organizations of civil society in a tandem...

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Date: 14 июня 16

A Training of Trainers (TOT) on Investigative Journalism has Started in Bishkek

Today, on February 18, a five-day training of trainers (TOT) on investigative journalism has started. 12 representatives of media and NGOs are attending the training. During the training, the...

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Date: 18 февраля 16

Candid Opinions and Discussion on the Chatham House Rule

December 12, 2015. A meeting of Media and NGO Network hosted Liliana Vitu, Internews’ Public Broadcasting Support Project Director, with a talk on the Chatham House Rule format practiced...

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Date: 17 декабря 15