Data Journalism

The data journalism fellowships will support six fellows for up to a year to produce innovative data-driven stories that demonstrate the possibilities of the genre to other media and to the public. The fellows will work together as a data team at a media outlet (Media–K key partner which will be determined), and will receive additional training at various points over the fellowship to hone their skills, including a mandatory kick-off training in January and ongoing consultations from a regional data journalism expert.

The selected fellows will receive stipends of 3000 USD per year to cover their salaries for six months with a possibility of renewing for another six months, if performance and progress is satisfactory and previously set milestones are achieved. 

Applicants will be selected based on the quality of their submitted portfolio, faculty and trainer recommendations, ideas for data journalism stories they would like to pursue, and a demonstrated willingness to work as a data journalist at an identified media outlet for a full year.

A group of selected fellows will undergo initial training, and then permanent consultations and mentoring from a regional expert on data journalism will continue.

It is expected to create and publish in the team of certain media at least one material per month, based on open data.

Fellows will receive knowledge and skills of a full cycle on work with data (search, reception, cleaning, specification, analyze, visualization)



Become a Data Communication Fellow at ForSet!

If you are a journalist, communications specialist, or civic activist from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan and you have experience in working with data,...

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Date: 20 марта 19

Introducing Internews' Data Journalism Microsite

Internews Data Journalism Adviser, Eva Constantaras introduces, a site designed to provide journalists with the skills to measure and communicate the most urgent development challenges facing their communities, the...

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Date: 12 сентября 18

Kyrgyzstan survives on money made by migrant workers, but it doesn’t know how to spend it

SAVIA HASANOVA and ANNA KAPUSHENKO 12 November 2018   This article was originally published on Kloop, a Kyrgyz investigative website. We translate it here with their permission. Altynai, 24, doesn’t know what she will...

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Date: 24 августа 18

Data-Journalism Hackathon “Hack poverty” will be held in AUCA

School of Data in Kyrgyzstan will hold a 48-hour data-journalism hackathon (#hackpoverty) at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) on March 3-4. March 3 is the Open Data...

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Date: 12 февраля 18

Data journalism becomes more powerful

Six journalists and Internews fellowship holders participated in the five-day training course "If Data could talk" by Anastasia Valeeva, professor of American University in Central Asia. Azizbek Janaliev, Saviia...

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Date: 23 января 18

Internews invites to apply for data journalism fellowships.

    CALL FOR APPLICATIONS “Cultivating Media Independence Initiative Activity in the Kyrgyz Republic” (Media-K) Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic   Deadline: December 25, 2017, 16:00 Open to: Journalists, data journalism...

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Date: 12 декабря 17

"Internews" has taught difficult teenagers to use new multimedia services

Center of family rehabilitation “Alternative” under protecting rights organization “Bir duino – Kyrgyzstan” organized one week rehabilitation program on Issyk-Kul for 25 children having problems with law and family....

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Date: 16 августа 17