Community Mass Media Increase Financial Literacy of Inhabitants of Regions

Svetlana from Talas on waves of a communal radio station “Radiomost” tells that she is engaged in production and sale of sewing products during seven years. Annually, she takes up a loan for purchase of textiles and a fitment for garments. In addition, she also takes a consumer loan in the amount of 100 thousand KGS. It is enough for her sewing mini-shop. Annually on the credits, Svetlana works only with one bank and considers that it is very convenient. Thus, she has a successful credit history. “I would like to tell all, who want to obtain a credit – it is necessary to have a planned purposeful use of the credit in order to avoid further difficulties in case of payment” – Svetlana advises. Credit experts, for their turn, through communal mass media warn about risks, which need to be considered in case of a registration of the credit. “Before obtaining the credit, citizens need to specify for what purposes the obtained credit will be spent. Moreover, from what funds this credit will be repaid. In cases of the obtained credit for agricultural industry, it is necessary to consider all risks. When the credit is intended on the consumer purposes, it is necessary to consider not only household incomes, but also family expenses” – the credit expert Usen tells. According to him, each citizen taking the credit needs to consider that it has to be spent for those purposes on which it is taken. The thematic radio subjects of the Association of Community Mass Media(ACMM) in the Kyrgyz, Russian, Uzbek and Tajik languages tell about how to plan the business activity and not to get to a debt hole; about planning and an expenditure of the household budget, about sources of finance and financial literacy on the credits, about small business, which can be created in conditions of rural regions and small cities based on the example of real stories of successful entrepreneurs from the remote regions of the country. Such activity is carried out within the project “My Success”. In the radio project, there are 7 representatives of ACMM from 7 Kyrgyzstan’s regions:
  • Chuyi region: the community radio “Suusamyr FM”;
  • Talas region: the community radio “Radiomost”;
  • Zhalal Abad region: Tash-Kumyr city, the community multimedia center (CMC) “Chintamani”;
  • Batken region: Uch-Korgon village, the CMC “Uch-Korgon”;
  • Osh region: Kyzyl-Bulak village, the CMC “Kyzyl Bulak”;
  • Issyk-Kul region: Barskoon village, the CMC “Barskoon FM”;
  • Naryn region: Bayetov village, the CMC “Tunuk”
In total, inhabitants of 27 remote areas of 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan will be informed. For this, the ACMM has several channels for communication with the local population: it is 4 communal radios, the mobile application “Voice of Aiyl (which also works offline), radio rubrics in villages (the range of 500-1000 meters), the website, free twitter mailing by means of accounts of 27 members of the ACMM, and the Facebook page in the social network. The project “My Success” has been supported by Internews in the framework of the program “Access to information” with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Valentina GALICH Internews in Kyrgyzstan Photo is provided by the communal radio “Suusamyr FM”