The experience of Kyrgyzstan in transition to DTV was highly evaluated by Tajikistan


The delegation from Tajikistan visited Bishkek with the assistance of Internews Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan to get in touch with the experience of transition to digital broadcasting in Kyrgyzstan.

The Kyrgyz Republic is the first Central Asian country to successfully and promptly switched to digital broadcasting, which caused great interest in the study of this experience in the part of the Republic of Tajikistan. Within three days, from 3 to 5 July 2017, representatives of both governmental structures and broadcasters from Dushanbe got acquainted with the activities of their colleagues in the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

The delegation of Tajikistan was represented by:

- Deputy Director General of "Tajiktvradiocom" Isfandier Saidullo;

- Member of the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, International Organizations and Mass Media Mukhabbatsho Ruzadorov;

- Chief Engineer of the State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting of RT Ismoilzod Shohrukhmirzo Rustam;

- member of the Association of Independent Broadcasters Zinatullo Ismailozoda;

- Director of Internews Tajikistan Abdumalik Kadirov;

- executive director of the public organization "Homa" Shahlo Abokirova.

The delegation of Tajikistan was received by the government of Kyrgyzstan. First Deputy Prime Minister Mukhammetkaliy Abulgaziev informed the guests about all stages in transition to digital broadcasting, the work carried out to implement this program, the problems and issues of providing technical equipment.


The Kyrgyz Republic switched to digital broadcasting on May 15, 2017. We are ready to share our experience on transition to digital television and radio broadcasting. Funds are needed, but more importantly in this matter is a professional team.

First of all, we have been informing the population for three years about switchover. There was created a state commission, then to the process were involved the local self-government bodies, civil society, public organizations, TV and radio specialists.

Said First Deputy Prime Minister Mukhammetkaliy Abulgaziev.

Our countries have good neighborly relations. Kyrgyzstan is very dynamic in its development. We want to study the experience of the Kyrgyz Republic in the transition of digital television and radio broadcasting. Said Mukhabbatsho Ruzadorov, member of the RT Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, international organizations and the media.

The main meeting was held at the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, where Deputy Minister Ainura Temirbekova and Director of the Department of Information and Mass Communications Baktygul Noruzbayeva presented all stages of transition to DTV in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Ainura Temirbekova told to participants of the meeting about the work carried out to implement the Government's Program on transition to digital television and radio broadcasting, the problems encountered in the course of work and the ways of their solutions.

The meeting was held at the meeting in the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic with the deputies Natalia Nikitenko and Janar Akaev.

Natalia Nikitenko noted that the successful transition to digital broadcasting in Kyrgyzstan was successful due to the fact that all sectors were able to work together. The deputies helped the government and supported the adoption of 18 legislative documents concerning the switchover. According to her, mutual criticism and disputes with representatives of non-governmental organizations have made the possibility to develop an acceptable model.

The delegation from Tajikistan got acquainted with the specifics of the transition to figure both at the legislative level, and in the sphere of technical support and information support of the campaign.

Upon the returning of delegation to Dushanbe, they planned to create a working group to develop stages of transition to digital TV and radio broadcasting in Tajikistan, taking into account the interests of TV watchers, private TV and radio companies and telecom operators, and to introduce Tajikistan into the experience studied here.

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