The Media laboratory started based on the production base of the Public Broadcasting Corporation KTRK

Twenty-five young journalists from 2 September are trained in media laboratory based on the production base of the Public Broadcasting Corporation KTRK.

This Media laboratory – This interactive course 4-month training, which includes the following classes for young journalists: the theory and practice of informational journalism. The role of journalism in peace-building, working with text, interview technique, audio and video editing, photo and video shooting, especially in radio, production of television programs, as well as the skills to work with audio and video equipment.

Elima Dzhaparova is the coach of the first five-day specialized seminar, which discusses with the topics such as “The mission of the journalist”, “Information and its relevance”, “Standards of Journalism”, “Conflicts and the role of the journalist in the mediation.”

“The first day of training – it is always very difficult. This is a huge reservoir of theoretical knowledge; and when this layer is transmitted to people who, in general, in this profession have not worked and do not have the basic knowledge, it is always very difficult to read and transmitted. But, given the keen interest of the participants and that the participants are almost all subjects my opinion, I, as a coach, you need to send them in a more professional direction, in a more structured and referring to journalism, “- sums up the first day of training Elima Dzhaparova.

Director of the National Training Centre of Media Adel Laisheva, believes that it is important to educate journalists, at the same time provide practical skills and the ability to find myself, “KTRK – this is such a multidisciplinary organization, here platforms sea nemerenoe, and can work on any channel, any radio station. This is the platform on which you can simply acquire practical knowledge, which will be given to the attention of everyone, where everyone can try their hand, to get in the end, any product, for yourself to try to work in different kinds of media. ”

Dilara Begaliyev, 4th year student of the Faculty of the National University of Journalism shared her impressions about the Media Lab: “Pleased that the training will be conducted in different coach interactive form. Also, the opportunity to own a media product. ”

Medialaboratory was created with the assistance of the National Training Centre of Media in the framework of the UNDP project “Media for peaceful change”, implemented with financial support from the UN Peacebuilding Fund.


 Aidai Kadyralieva

Intern Internews in Kyrgyzstan

Photos courtesy of the Republican Training Centre of Media