Candid Opinions and Discussion on the Chatham House Rule

December 12, 2015. A meeting of Media and NGO Network hosted Liliana Vitu, Internews’ Public Broadcasting Support Project Director, with a talk on the Chatham House Rule format practiced by the Chisinau Press Club. British analytical center in the field of international relations “Chatham House” was established in 1920. There is the principle of anonymity discussions, usually known as “Chatham House” (Chatham House Rule), that promotes frank opinions and discussions. Guests who participate in debates are free to use this information, but are not allowed to disclose the names. “We have also started to adhere to such rules, when created Chisinau Press Club. Once a IMG_7089month, we hold a meeting by the “Chatham House Rule.” The advantage of this rule is the anonymity of speakers, the opportunity to have open discussions and exchange of information,” said Liliana Vitu. According to Liliana Vitu, in Moldova the “Chatham House Rule” is used at the request of a guest. There is a disciplinary measure for violation of the rules. The most important thing is that this rule must be regarded as morally binding one. Later, to cover the cost of the event, colleagues from Moldova attracted donors and decided to make the first part of the meetings official in the press-conference format on socially important topics, and the second part of the meeting is “off the record”, where the “Chatham House Rule” is observed. The discussion in this format allows journalists to understand the context of social and political events, dig deeper and explain the audience the root causes of social problems and issues. For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, the “Chatham House Rule” will be practiced in the framework of the Media and NGO Network meetings organized as part of the EU funded Media and Civic Participation for Transparency and Accountability Project.