The Kyrgyz Women – Active, Confident, Inspiring (part 2)

3 октября 16
The partner of Internews the Media-center “Demge-dem” created the next six special reports about Kyrgyz women. Heroines of special reports are girls and women of different nationalities from different regions of Kyrgyzstan. All these women make a significant contribution to the development of the Kyrgyzstan. They have been successful in business and social activity. Also they are great mothers and have a smart and educated children. Lola Kulinova is the director of radio station in the Karakol town of Issyk-Kul region. She is an journalist. Lola is a mother of four children. In 2016 she became a member of the City Kenesh. Now she plans to improve the development of the city and its infrastructure.
Altyn Dzhanyshbaeva – she lives in the Shabdanvillage of Kemin district. For 14 years she is the leader of the “Honor Bulagy” public organization. She teaches young people to prepare national dishes and different things to the Yurt. Altyn Dzhanyshbaeva helps young people not to forget the Kyrgyz national traditions.
Bubusara Ryskulova lives in Bishkek. Bubusara is a director of “Sezim” crisis center. Her organization provides legal and psychological assistance to victims of domestic violence, trafficking in persons and refugees. She is among 1000 women of the world nominated for the Nobel Prize.
Marhaba Shafigulina lives in the Issyk-Kul region. She has established a network of companies wish has been employed more than 50 people. Marhaba has several gardens. She produce and sells juices. Also Marhaba breeds ostriches and sell their eggs and meat. In addition, the Marhaba Shafigulina actively involved in charity work.
Gulgaky Mamasalieva – she is a human rights activist and teacher from Osh. She defends the rights of ordinary people. Gulgaky is a public activist. She attempts to eradicate the legal illiteracy in the local community. Gulgaky is woman leader, head of NGO “Interbilim”. Gulgaky advocates for local budget transparency and compliance with the law.
Jamila Pazylova is social activist from the village of Boz-Adyr of Batken region. She is the director of “Batken Umut” Public Fund. Jamila is also member of the local Kenesh. She helped constructed the water pipes for clean water, to build rehabilitated hospitals and schools, rural roads and installed street lighting in the her village. Jamila Pazylova is a Mother Heroine. She has seven children.
TV project «Aspiration» of Media Center “Demge-dem” is implemented with the support of Internews in the framework of the program of small grants, with funds provided by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Valentina GALICH Grant-manager Internews in Kyrgyzstan