BloggerBol bootcamp takes place in Osh

 Osh is hosting a four-day boot camp for aspiring bloggers from various regions in the southern part of the country.   Participants became part of an exciting project -...

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Date: 21 сентября 2023

Data journalists improve their data analysis and visualization skills to use for publications

  A three-day training for the employees of 8 media outlets, who had previously received basic knowledge in data journalism in January of this year, was held 14 -...

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Date: 17 августа 2023

Manaschi have trained to promote their creativity through social media

A group of manaschi from the National Theater "Manas" sought support from Internews in Kyrgyzstan and got the opportunity to skill mobilography and content promotion of their creativity through...

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Date: 6 июля 2023

Media-K Project brought back the institutional support for its key partners

In the new Media-K phase, priority is given to regional Kyrgyz-language online media. In 2023, Internews in KR provides support for three partners: «T-Media», «Salam Media» and regional media...

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Date: 1 июня 2023

The booth 'Techsherdim!' held entertaining media literacy lessons at the European Union festival

Techsherdim! ("Checked!") had actively engaged participants and visitors of the European Summer Festival 2023 into the event, which took place on May 26-27 in the city park "Yntymak-2".  Various...

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Date: 30 мая 2023

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan held training sessions on conflict-sensitive media coverage

A series of training was held in May in Bishkek and Dushanbe for chief editors and reporters of independent editions and editorial offices. The training participants discussed the basics...

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Date: 23 мая 2023