Special Report-making in Kyrgyzstan at the Present Time and its Outlook

  In early April, Internews and the republican training center of media communications (RTCMC) at the KTRK, together conducted a seminar on "Production of a special report on TV."...

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Date: 24 апреля 2017

8 features of interesting radio

Today, on February 13, Radio Day is celebrated all over the world. We decided to ask one of our partners how to make an interesting radio air. The director...

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Date: 13 февраля 2017

Чем чревато заявление президента о СМИ? Объясняет медиаэксперт

Президент Кыргызстана Алмазбек Атамбаев не допустил на свою пресс-конференцию нескольких журналистов, постоянно работающих СМИ, регулярно освещающих политические темы. О чем это говорит и чем чревато? Ситуацию прокомментировала медиаэксперт <b>Гульнура Торалиева.</b><a...

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Date: 6 декабря 2016

Правила успеха Дениса Вишни [видео, фото, презентации]

3 декабря 2016 года в Бишкеке прошел мастер-класс от международного бизнес-тренера Дениса Вишни на тему «Привлечение финансов в медиапроекты: где кончается журналистика и начинается пропаганда, реклама и PR».В ходе...

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Date: 6 декабря 2016

The launch of the channel Ala-Too 24

On September 12, he news channel “Ala-Too 24”, a new part of OTRK, was officially launched. The channel is the first and only 24/7-news channel in the country and...

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Date: 13 сентября 2016

The experience «of Panama papers» is explored to Kyrgyz journalists

Today, August 29 in Bishkek held a two-day training on investigative journalism in the field of environment and natural resources. Coach stands correspondent ICIJ, a direct participant in the...

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Date: 29 августа 2016

In Bishkek, Young People Receive Workshops of the Professional Photographer

Students of the Summer School of Journalism Kloop Media learn to do photo reports. 12 young people receive workshops of the professional photographer. The module on photojournalism consists of...

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Date: 15 июля 2016

To Be Clear About Gender Stereotypes

Men and women are beings from different planets. This axiom was proved for a long time ago, and daily millions of people confirm it from different corners of the...

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Date: 30 мая 2016

Community Mass Media Increase Financial Literacy of Inhabitants of Regions

Svetlana from Talas on waves of a communal radio station “Radiomost” tells that she is engaged in production and sale of sewing products during seven years. Annually, she takes...

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Date: 19 мая 2016

Internews Started a Series of Free Webinars in Kyrgyz

Local journalists, experts in online media, video graphics, and radio act as speakers for webinars. Internews hold this event every month.     Kyrgyz speaking journalists got an additional...

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Date: 18 апреля 2016