Restricting access to mobile communications and the Internet - is the restriction of constitutional rights of Kyrgyz citizens

The leading state-owned mobile operator MegaCom is obliged to carry out its activities within the framework of the requirements of the legislation and in the interests of citizens. The sudden preventive...

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Date: 6 октября 2020

Statement. Media organizations urged not to hinder the activities of journalists

  Screenshot from a live broadcast of Azattyk. Bishkek, October 5, 2020     On the night of October 5-6, while covering mass protests against the results of the parliamentary elections, a series...

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Date: 6 октября 2020

 Media Monitoring Report. Hate Speech in the Election Discourse of Kyrgyzstan. Second issue. 

  This report was prepared by the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology in Central Asia with the support of the Media-K project implemented by Internews in the Kyrgyz...

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Date: 30 сентября 2020

Internews in Kyrgyzstan supported projects for the 2020 elections

The Media-K project of Internews in Kyrgyzstan, implemented with financial support from the USAID, provides legal, technical and media support to the main participants in the electoral process and...

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Date: 10 сентября 2020

Online session "Disinformation in social media during elections”

  Internews in Kyrgyzstan host a session on disinformation online on September 10 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Bishkek time in English with simultaneous translation into Kyrgyz and...

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Date: 3 сентября 2020

One-time appeal for donations

The staff of the well-known independent information resource about Central Asia "Fergana" appealed to its readers for help. These are difficult times for businesses everywhere, and the media branch...

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Date: 2 сентября 2020

264 km for medicine: how they die of cancer in the villages of Kyrgyzstan. Data - Article

Journalists in the data department of the online publication “Cactus Media”, using an example of a story, showed that the relatives of oncology patients living in villages need to...

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Date: 8 июля 2020

Kyrgyzstan is in the top 3 countries by the number of infections among doctors. Data-Article

Based on open data, journalists from the news agency of the Media-K Internews project found out that “one of the main causes of infection of physicians in the...

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Date: 6 июля 2020

Office of independent TV station 3 Kanal firebombed in Kyrgyzstan

New York, June 9, 2020 – Kyrgyzstan authorities should conduct a quick and thorough investigation into the arson attack on the office of the 3 Kanal broadcaster, the Committee...

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Date: 11 июня 2020

Television in Kyrgyzstan 2020. Live Discussion on TV1KG

How the domestic television industry to survive the current difficult time? “Hard Day Evening” on TV1KG on Monday, June 8, held a discussion on the topic: “Television in the...

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Date: 9 июня 2020