Local voices. Global change

We support local mass media for the development of free, qualitative and objective journalism that will inform the population of what is happening within the country and outside it timely and impartially.

Representation of Internews Network in Kyrgyzstan pays much attention to the promotion of such issues as access to information, development of media rights, improvement of media content quality, and dissemination of new media. These priorities aim at the enhancement of capacities and professionalism of the local mass media in order to provide the community with an indispensable opportunity to be heard on all levels of the country and society.

The Headquarters of the International Non-Profit Organization is situated in Arcade City (California, US). Internews Network has been working in Kyrgyzstan since 1998.

Main donors of the projects at Bishkek Internews Office are USAID, European Commission and the US State Department.

Where else does Internews work?

Internews Network works in about 90 countries around the world. Internews Offices are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin and North America.