Internews in Kyrgyzstan is a team of media professionals who have been putting efforts into developing independent media for more than 20 years.

Today, the Internews team cooperates with the media community on several important projects on building the financial sustainability of independent media, providing technical assistance to editorial offices and organizing trainings on various journalism topics.

Also, within the framework of the Media-K project, journalists are trained in modern technical skills, as well as representatives of regional media with a focus on the development of high-quality Kyrgyz-language journalism.

A project is underway to support the creativity of akyns within the framework of media trends.

Fact-checkers and social media monitors are coordinated to counter misinformation and manipulation. Grant support helps create socially relevant content, TV series, short films, animated films and impressive multimedia stories on gender- and conflict-sensitive topics.

Internews in Kyrgyzstan has tremendously contributed to the formation of a strong community of data journalists who take prize-winning places at various international competitions.

For many years, Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic has been cooperating with the Media Policy Institute to improve media legislation and legal protection of journalists.

Every year, Internews in Kyrgyzstan holds a forum for the entire media community «Media Toptoo» and the professional journalism contest «Umtuluu-Aspiration».

Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic has launched a youth project in collaboration with bloggers and influencers to establish a sustainable blogosphere that produces socially significant content. One of the initiatives in this direction is the annual blogger festival called «KurulTime.»

Since 2020, the TRACK project has been successfully developing the potential of the civil sector and independent media of the Kyrgyz Republic to expose corruption and ineffective governance, inform society about the discovered facts of abuse.

The project holds an annual training course in investigative journalism, workshops for NGOs on information campaigns, provides grants for investigations and organizes the «Chyndyk» Investigative Journalists Forum.

Since 2022, a new Internews and European Union project — REVIVE —

is aimed at eliminating disinformation, inciting tension and violence that could provoke violence and conflict and affect peace and stability in the Central Asian region.

In October 2022, another regional project was kicked off to strengthen the capacity of mass media and civil society to jointly improve coverage of border conflicts, overcoming ethnic and other differences in communities along the border.

Internews team in the Kyrgyz Republic has unrivaled experience in organization of media forums, round tables and discussions on topical issues related to the sustainable development of media, safety and protection of journalists, legal regulation of media activity.