COVID-19 media coverage

As all over the world, Kyrgyzstan has been faced with the social and economic instability caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Internews promptly responds to global changes and supports the editorial offices in crisis situations.

Internews projects help journalists in full and objective coverage of the COVID-19 situation. Training is conducted to adapt the professional community to the rapidly changing conditions of their activities.

Let's Talk Vaccines is a free course to help journalists

    Vaccines have become a household conversation. But often the talk is inaccurate and full of fear. Quality vaccine journalism ‘talks’ to people. It answers their questions and...

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Date: 15 июня 2021

Production continues on "2020" / “Pandemic Generation” (working title)

On-location filming “2020” (“Pandemic Generation”)   The 10-episode anthology film series inspired by real-life stories will tell us about the big and small battles that took place during the...

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Date: 11 мая 2021

How to save Kyrgyzstani independent media in times of the pandemic: Internews Media-K Project experience

  Media-K Project provided emergency financial assistance to a group of independent media outlets to ensure their survival during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.      13 selected newsrooms...

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Date: 15 апреля 2021

The TV series " Generation of the Pandemic. Kyrgyzstan-2020» is coming up

The working moment during the filming of the series.   The series has been created by CityLab production company with the support of Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic, and...

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Date: 31 марта 2021

Internews presented the experience of COVID-19 information campaign for international partners

At The LHSS (Local Health System Sustainability Project) international consortium online meeting, where partners from all over the world share their successful practices, Internews in Kyrgyzstan presented its experience...

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Date: 15 февраля 2021

Kyrgyzstan is in the top 3 countries by the number of infections among doctors. Data-Article

Based on open data, journalists from the news agency of the Media-K Internews project found out that “one of the main causes of infection of physicians in the...

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Date: 6 июля 2020