Investigative Journalism Foundation in Ulanbek Egizbaev name

Donate the Fund for investigative journalism the name of Ulanbek Egizbaev!

Donations will support the development of quality journalism in the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC, educational events for journalists, the annual competition for the best investigative project and the award named after Ulanbek Egizbayev.

You can transfer funds to the following accounts:

Bank details: Demir Kyrgyz International Bank (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

contacts: [email protected]

#REакция. Интерньюс в КР призывает власти отреагировать на опубликованные в журналистских расследованиях факты

<br /><img class="wp-image-18305 alignright" src="" alt="" width="374" height="321" data-mce-src="" /><strong>Кыргызстанские СМИ в 2019 году продолжили публиковать громкие расследования о фактах коррупции в разных сферах, которые в очередной раз доказали,...

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Date: 25 ноября 19

Investigative Journalism Foundation named after Ulan Egizbaev established in Kyrgyz Republic

Investigative Journalism Foundation named after Ulanbek Egizbaev was established in Kyrgyzstan. Initiators of its opening reported. The foundation was registered with the Ministry of Justice and started its activities. The purpose of the...

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Date: 3 сентября 18