Cultivating Media Independence Initiative

Internews in Kyrgyzstan is implementing the “Cultivating Media Independence Initiative» project. This is  the three-year project, called «Media-K», is aimed at development of independent media in the country.

Internews monitors the situation with country’s media and helps to improve citizens ‘ access to diverse and balanced information helping them to make reflected public interest informed decisions.

Selected key partners receive institutional support that promotes independence and financial stability of Kyrgyz’ media.

Journalists who are being prosecuted are supported by Internews and the Media Policy Institute advocates. Also Internews stands for dialogue between government and society.


Аnalysis of the draft law "On Mass Media" from the Adilet Legal Clinic: freedom of speech under threat

The analysis carried out by lawyers showed that there are serious risks of unlawful and impermissible derogations from the guarantees of the human rights to freedom of expression. Certain...

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Date: 20 октября 2022

Vacancy: Project Manager – Kyrgyz Republic, Resilience and Engagement with Varied Information for a Vibrant Environment (REVIVE)

Internews seeks a Project Manager for a potential European Commission-funded regional project focused on supporting independent media outlets and enhancing media literacy in Central Asia. Under the supervision of...

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Date: 9 июня 2022

Kyrgyzstan: Spate of Criminal Cases Against Journalists

  Stop Harassing Independent Media; Release Editor    Kyrgyzstan authorities have stepped up the harassment of journalists and independent media with a slew of criminal investigations into their work in...

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Date: 1 апреля 2022

The Matraimovs’ lawsuit against media: litigation terminated

Since the beginning, Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic has observed the course of legal proceedings on the lawsuit against the investigative journalist Ali Toktakunov, as well as Azattyk media...

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Date: 28 апреля 2021

Internews holds a seminar on media literacy for coordinators of multimedia centers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Participants of the seminar on media literacy at the Internews Training Center   On March 16-17, the Internews Training Center holds a two-day orientation seminar for coordinators of multimedia...

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Date: 16 марта 2021

Project to measure television audience starts in Kyrgyzstan

  Media industry in the Kyrgyz Republic is in anticipation of a breakthrough due to the introduction of an electronic television audience measurement system in the country.   The...

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Date: 5 февраля 2019

World Press Freedom Day 2018- Kyrgyzstan

May 3, is World Press Freedom Day. On site and social media, all this week will be sharing videos from  partners worldwide answering “What are the most pressing challenges to media freedom...

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Date: 3 мая 2018

Ex-owner of "Vecherniy Bishkek" gets 6-year suspended sentence

Hearing of criminal case against the former owner of the publishing house «Vecherniy Bishkek» Alexander Kim ended in the Sverdlovsky District Court of Bishkek. Judge Sanzhar Chotonov announced the decision. Alexander Kim got...

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Date: 21 февраля 2018

The civil sector’s statement on trials against media and journalists

  The Civil Sector Appeals to the Country Leadership on Trials against Media The civil sector’s statement on trials against media and journalists   The Kyrgyzstan’s Supreme Court has...

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Date: 8 декабря 2017

Media-K new three-year project focuses on the development of independent media in Kyrgyzstan

The Representative Office of Internews in Kyrgyzstan invites you to the launch of an exciting new project, “Cultivating Media Independence Initiative” on November 10, 2017, at 17:30. Known as...

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Date: 6 ноября 2017