Дата-отдел редакции 24.kg показал ситуацию на дорогах в Бишкеке

Internews in Kyrgyzstan’s fellows on data journalism program from the24.kg editorial office in collaboration with the Peshcom initiative prepared the first analytical article on the situation with road traffic in the capital. This...

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Date: 12 марта 20

Дата-истории. Почему микрокредиты не спасают от бедности, а просто ее откладывают

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Date: 4 декабря 19

Интерньюс в КР презентовал проект TRACK по расследовательской журналистике

В Бишкеке 10 октября рассказали подробности о новом проекте TRACK (Transparency through Reporting & Advocacy Campaigns in Kyrgyzstan). Этот многоплановый проект нацелен на поддержку отечественной расследовательской журналистики для ее...

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Date: 11 октября 19

International Forum “The role of media in preventing violent extremism” will run in Almaty

The second International Forum “The role of media in preventing violent extremism” organized by Internews within the framework of the European Union funded project “Contributing to stability and peace...

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Date: 7 августа 19

Two reports look at the information ecosystem and its relationship to violent extremism in Central Asia

Two reports look at the information ecosystem and its relationship to violent extremism in Central Asia. Over the past decade, radicalization to violent extremism has become a matter of...

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Date: 24 июля 19

Final evaluation of “Contributing to stability and peace in Central Asia” project

  Final evaluation of “Contributing to stability and peace in Central Asia” project  4082-2 CA-DG-EC Email to: [email protected]                                                                           Deadline: July 25, 2019:   Internews overview Internews is an international...

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Date: 10 июля 19

Become a Data Communication Fellow at ForSet!

If you are a journalist, communications specialist, or civic activist from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan and you have experience in working with data,...

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Date: 20 марта 19

Introducing Internews' Data Journalism Microsite

Internews Data Journalism Adviser, Eva Constantaras introduces datajournalism.internews.org, a site designed to provide journalists with the skills to measure and communicate the most urgent development challenges facing their communities, the...

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Date: 12 сентября 18

Kyrgyzstan survives on money made by migrant workers, but it doesn’t know how to spend it

SAVIA HASANOVA and ANNA KAPUSHENKO 12 November 2018   This article was originally published on Kloop, a Kyrgyz investigative website. We translate it here with their permission. Altynai, 24, doesn’t know what she will...

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Date: 24 августа 18

Media trainers from Central Asian countries will improve skill on covering conflict-sensitive topics

  The 10-day Training of Trainers (TOT) on conflict-sensitive journalism will start on June 18 with participation 20 of media representatives, civil journalists, media experts and trainers from Central...

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Date: 14 июня 18