Media-K project


Media-K is a major industrial project of Internews in Kyrgyzstan providing independent media support.


The first three-year phase of the project has been successfully implemented by the Internews team in Kyrgyzstan from October 2017 to October 2020 in partnership with FHI360 and with the assistance of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

In July 2020, the project was extended for two years — until September 30, 2022.

The Media-K Project has completed institutional support for the key partners selected on a competitive basis: online editions, TV and radio companies.


The Internews team in Kyrgyzstan feels pride that the successful project results in addition to the solidarity media community in Kyrgyzstan made the community of akyn improvisers more visible; strong investigative and data journalists, bloggers-influencers have emerged and are being actively involved in increasing the media literacy among the population.


Media -K supported the creation of the first TV series for teenagers in the Kyrgyz language «Akyrky Sabak», which became the most successful in 2022.

As part of the socially relevant content production, 12 documentaries and feature short films have been produced, a number of which have successfully entered international film festivals.


Since the fall of 2022, a new five-year phase of the Media-K Project with the participation of Freedom House and USAID support has been launched.


Next five years Internews in Kyrgyzstan will support Kyrgyz independent media with a special focus on regional editorial offices and content materials in Kyrgyz.

The extension of the project for another five years with the participation of Freedom House and USAID is a positive sign for the continued development of media freedom in the country.

The focus on regional editorial offices and content materials in Kyrgyz is particularly important, as it will help to ensure that voices from across the country are represented in the media. Capacity-building for independent media and financial sustainability will also be key in ensuring the long-term success of the project.

It’s also encouraging to hear that the project will be promoting media criticism and supporting data journalism, fact-checking, and the fight against disinformation. These efforts are crucial for maintaining the integrity of media content and ensuring that accurate information is shared with the public.

The annual events organized by the Internews team, such as the «Media Toptoo» Forum, the «Umtuluu- Aspiration» National Award for Professional Journalism, and the Bloggers’ Kurultai, are great opportunities for media professionals and content creators to come together and share their experiences and knowledge.

Overall, the Media-K Project is making a significant contribution to the development of independent media in Kyrgyzstan, and the extension of the project for another five years is a positive step forward.

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