В Кыргызстане созданы спецрепортажи в формате VR 360-видео

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Date: 15 января 19

Five years of TV channel broadcast

It will be five years since the beginning of “Yntymak” broadcast in Osh. This invaluable experience not only for our Republic, also for the whole Central Asian region. In...

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Date: 24 ноября 17

Effective Communication and Innovations for local Communities

Women-activists from all regions of Kyrgyzstan received an excellent experience of use of new communication devices in their activities in a three-day event of international partner coalition on women's...

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Date: 27 июня 17

Hackathon winners have designed useful service tools for Mass Media for 48 hours.

Internews in Kyrgyzstan has provided successful aid to their partners in holding Media Hackathon! The main focus of the 48-hour fest is to produce products and services for factchecking...

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Date: 13 июня 17