Investigative journalism

The Kyrgyz journalism is dominated by news journalism, although there are many opportunities for the development of analytical, investigative and other genres of journalism.

Oleg Khomenok, media expert, coordinator of the SCOOP journalistic investigation support project in Ukraine, has repeatedly visited Kyrgyzstan, where he conducted trainings for local journalists to practice investigative journalism.

«Journalistic investigations educate the country authorities to culture of accountability. Today, people need more than just news.  So, sooner or later people will start to think about where their paid money for taxes go, how the government effectively rule the country; therefore, people need media coverage of those processes, answers to questions and many other information that only the media can give», — Oleg Khomenok.

OCCRP Condemns Growing State Pressure Against Independent Media in Kyrgyzstan

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is deeply concerned by the Kyrgyz government’s mounting assault on press freedom. Just within the last few weeks, OCCRP fellow Bolot...

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Date: 11 февраля 2022

The Matraimovs’ lawsuit against media: litigation terminated

Since the beginning, Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic has observed the course of legal proceedings on the lawsuit against the investigative journalist Ali Toktakunov, as well as Azattyk media...

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Date: 28 апреля 2021

Fake accounts and their relationship with politicians in Kyrgyzstan

  The removal of about 400 fake Facebook accounts seen manipulating public opinion during elections is the first reaction from a global platform of this magnitude in the Kyrgyz...

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Date: 18 января 2021

Интерньюс в КР презентовал проект TRACK по расследовательской журналистике

В Бишкеке 10 октября рассказали подробности о новом проекте TRACK (Transparency through Reporting & Advocacy Campaigns in Kyrgyzstan). Этот многоплановый проект нацелен на поддержку отечественной расследовательской журналистики для ее...

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Date: 11 октября 2019

Investigative Journalism Foundation named after Ulan Egizbaev established in Kyrgyz Republic

Investigative Journalism Foundation named after Ulanbek Egizbaev was established in Kyrgyzstan. Initiators of its opening reported. The foundation was registered with the Ministry of Justice and started its activities. The purpose of the...

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Date: 3 сентября 2018

The experience «of Panama papers» is explored to Kyrgyz journalists

Today, August 29 in Bishkek held a two-day training on investigative journalism in the field of environment and natural resources. Coach stands correspondent ICIJ, a direct participant in the...

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Date: 29 августа 2016

Journalistic Investigation: “Access to Education of Children with Limited Opportunities in Osh City”

Partners of Internews, the Public Fund “Ulybka” (Osh city) together with a creative group of NTS TV channel, represent the journalistic investigation on a subject: “Access to education of children...

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Date: 2 августа 2016

11 Journalistic investigations have started In Kyrgyzstan

In June 2016, 11 journalistic investigations have started for the purpose of promotion of culture of transparency and accountability in Kyrgyzstan. Ten organizations of civil society in a tandem...

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Date: 14 июня 2016