Internews  in Kyrgyzstan is currently implementing the second phase of the Media-K project to support and develop the media sector in the country.

The first phase was implemented from 2017 to 2022.

 “The Media-K” helps build up professionalism and strengthen the local independent media’s financial sustainability so that citizens have greater access to diverse, balanced, and fact-based information. 

Since November 2022, a new five-year period has begun, during which the training of data journalists, and regional media representatives has continued, focused on supporting Kyrgyz language newsrooms and producing quality content in the state language.

Fact-checkers and social media monitors’ activity are coordinated to counter misinformation and manipulation.

Grant support helps to create high-quality and socially relevant content: TV series, short films, animated films and impressive multimedia stories on gender- and conflict-sensitive topics.

The Media-K project annually organizes the “Media Toptoo” industrial forum and the “Umtuluu-Aspiration” contest among professional journalists.