8 features of interesting radio

Today, on February 13, Radio Day is celebrated all over the world. We decided to ask one of our partners how to make an interesting radio air. The director of online service "TMS" Tynchtykbek Kozhobekov shared his experience: "This service combined Bishkek and regional radio, giving them the opportunity to broadcast on the Internet".

1. The radio should have an impeccable sound so that listeners feel comfortable. Hence, radio technically should be well equipped.

2. PA "clothing" (jingle, announcement, the substrate, the liner) should reflect the nature of the broadcast. For example, the radio station "Kyrgyz Radio" should use folk music, and "MiK Kyal FM" dynamic.

3. It is wrong to address listeners, guests of the program "eje" (sister), "baike" (brother). It is better to refer to "You" or "Myrza" (Sir), "Selki" (Ms).

4. For radio-leaders it is not enogh just to read books, but they should improve their vocabulary.

5. Direct ether for experienced leaders, like a walk down the street, and for newly-weds - it's a flight on an airplane. Fearfully. Therefore, they need to concentrate on words and ether.

6. For Radio-leaders during the ether is better to forget about their problems and they should not teach their listeners. Like entertainment program leaders can only make people happy.

7. Anyone who wants to work on radio has to repeat the school program anew. Unfortunately, there can be journalists who can not even tell the alphabet.

8. The voice of the radio presenter should be velvet. But one voice is not enough. Leaders should be psychologically stable - do not swear at the listeners and treat them with understanding. In a sense, radio presenters play the role of psychologists.


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Ajara Bekjan