Data 4.0. The prices in Kyrgyzstan and how they affect poverty

Internews Data Journalism Fellows program - 2021 released publications using data from the National Statistical Institute and the World Bank, which provide an analysis of the Basic Food Price Index as well as a forecast of the decline in living standards of Kyrgyz people.

A joint team of Kyrgyz-language data journalists from, Aibike Adilet kyzy, Dastan Umotbai uulu, and Elvira Sultanmurat kyzy wrote their first paper on how rising food prices are affecting the increase in poverty.

Main products in Kyrgyzstan have become more expensive.


Prices of basic products January 2020 and January 2021. % change


Food prices are rising in Kyrgyzstan. Many goods are becoming a luxury in a literal sense, and they consume a significant portion of the citizens' budget.

The journalists of the Association of Community Media Kasiet Kubanychbek kyzy, Ziynat Samar kyzy and the data-journalist Nazigul Zhuzubova spoke with people of the country about how often the product such as meat can be bought. They created a calculator that counted how many days a month you’ll have to work to buy meat. You can use the following links:  

How many days a month you’ll have to work to buy meat (Russian)


Those stories were created by the data journalism fellows program of Internews in Kyrgyzstan Media-K project, implemented with the support of USAID in the Kyrgyz Republic in partnership with the World Bank and IDEM. The mentor of the program is Andrey Dorozhniy.

The views and conclusions in the material do not necessarily reflect those of Internews and its partners.