Internews in Central Asia team made an appeal to the media


Internews in Central Asia team expresses deep condolences to the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan for the loss of life in the border territories. We hope that the neighbors will be able to resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

As a team that supports the development of the media sector in the region, we call upon colleagues in both countries, as well as journalists from other States covering the border, to particularly scrupulously observe professional and ethical standards, to process any information, The results obtained in these days - to verify facts and sources, to be accurate and objective, to present the materials in an impartial and balanced manner, to remember the conflict sensitivities, to remain calm, to resist emotions and provocations. We ask that every word be treated with care, that no tension be raised and that no hostile language be spoken to the audience. Today, people’s lives and destinies depend on the quality of their work. We believe that our media is wise enough not to distort reality consciously, not to manipulate public opinion, not to provoke the conflict by themselves or to succumb to the provocations of others, but rather to facilitate negotiations between countries, To provide a platform and opportunity for all parties to speak out, to take into account the interests of peaceful citizens and to do their utmost to bring about peace as soon as possible.


Internews in Central Asia

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