The launch of the channel Ala-Too 24

On September 12, he news channel “Ala-Too 24”, a new part of OTRK, was officially launched. The channel is the first and only 24/7-news channel in the country and aims to work according in the format of Euronews.

The main purpose of the channel is to provide the audience with timely, high quality news and current events in Kyrgyzstan and throughout the world. The broadcasting will be implemented in Kyrgyz and Russian languages.

The team of “Ala-Too 24” is to work in the renovated building, where the first Republican TV and Radio broadcasting started in 1958. Guests of the event were offered a tour of the new office of TV channel and were shown the new workplaces of employees and the modern studio. The ceremonial launch of the channel was held in the directors’ office.

























“Today at 14:00 the first official news channel starts broadcasting in digital television, a couple of days later it will be broadcasted on cable television. Earlier, the KTRK channel did not have enough airtime to broadcast regional news, but now “Ala-Too 24” will include regional news as well.

In order to broadcast world news, we cooperate with four international agencies, the news will be broadcasted in Kyrgyz and Russian languages, but in the future we plan to add a broadcast in English as well”, – said the General Director of KTRK Ilim Karypbekov. He also noted that the new studio was created at the expense of television’s commercial work produced since the beginning of this year.

“This is a new stage of development. For a long time KTRK qualitatively studied the needs of their audience, and came to the conclusion that people want to get more news and information, then the idea came up to branch from the main channel. It is a matter of national security, when people want to get high-quality information and to feel what is happening in the country. I think this was the main reason for creation of the channel”- said Vyacheslav Goncharov, a member of the Supervisory Board of the public channel.













The “Supporting Public Broadcaster” project of Internews, with the support of USAID, helps the development of KTRK. A number of trainings and consultations were held to increase the capacity of the public channel employees. One of the key events was inviting Dumitru Tira, an international expert from Moldova on 24/7 broadcasting. As a result of the consultations, the management team of KTRK was provided with recommendations on newsroom work in the continuous mode, HR training, development of the broadcasting network, and on the launch of a news site and infrastructure of “Ala-Too 24.”

“I am delighted to see that in a relative short time such a complex operation – launch of a 24h news channel – was brought to life. I remember discussing this at my first meeting with Mr. Karypbekov, and I am happy to see that the contribution of Internews team was valued and brought results. I very much hope that step by step, by introducing live coverage, talk-shows and weekend programs, Ala-Too 24 will recommend itself as a professional channel whose interest is to serve the best the people of Kyrgyzstan.” – said Liliana Vitu, the former director of the “Supporting Public Broadcaster” project in Internews.