The first instance court took the decision to close “September” TV channel and its web-page.

The Pervomaisky District Court of Bishkek decided to close the September TV channel on August 22.

By report of “24. Kg” news agency, a judge Zhyldyz Zhumabaeva held a hearing without the participation of a defendant and her lawyers. According to a representative of TRC September, which was Kaiyrgul Urumkanova, the management of the TV channel was invited to the court in an emergency order without an agenda and any explanations.

She noted that the Office of the Prosecutor-General made a mistake by filing a lawsuit against the September TV channel, which has an office in Bishkek, since it was a television channel with the same name in Jalal-Abad that was liquidated a year ago.

Urumkanova said: "They just called us and said that that day we needed to come to the Pervomaisky court by 14.00 and there we would find out everything".

Moreover, there was an information that the court had decided to ban the broadcasting of the September TV channel on the Internet.

Lawyers of the Institute of Media Policy issued a statement in which they expressed a bewilderment where they asked questions like according to which norms they made that decision and what the reason was for such a hasty decision making on that day. The lawyers noted that the court had decided to close the September TV channel and its website without giving any answers to many of the arisen questions.

The TV channel can appeal against the decision of the first instance within 30 days.