Special Report-making in Kyrgyzstan at the Present Time and its Outlook


In early April, Internews and the republican training center of media communications (RTCMC) at the KTRK, together conducted a seminar on "Production of a special report on TV."

For six days journalists and cameramen of nine TV-companies of Kyrgyzstan worked on the idea and structure of special reports, with getting involved in practical elements of the process.

Vyacheslav Nikolaev, the special correspondent of Ren TV company, specified that the first purpose of the seminar was to teach how to retell the story in pictures, through people who have been reflected in these stories.

First of all he says that Special Report is just one of the genres of journalism, which is more synthetic due to its specification. Additionally it covers convergence of different tasks and skills. Trainers tried to teach not just to paraphrase materials, but to think before video-making and analyze all the information received.

Another trainer of the seminar, Victor Muzalevsky, the operator of the Ren TV, tried to explain journalists and video-makers that their special reports are not just a standard of television, but a real life.

Media trainer from Kyrgyzstan Elima Japarova pointed out the main mistakes made by the creative groups of the seminar. The main “mistake” by her words comes up when team cannot work as one mechanism in machine. But at the same time she noted that sometimes a mistake can save all the material.

Nikolaev also added that most of trainees before the seminar did not understand how necessary are sounds, graphics and visual images in constructing a good video program. He says that the main goal is to turn the way of thinking on the process of filming stories.

Muzalevsky emphasized typical mistakes done by the trainees in shooting video but also told that those people are talented in video-making.

After six days of the seminar, all creative groups of trainees have prepared their special reports. They talk about life in Instagram and the problem of car parking in Bishkek, small and large victories of people with disabilities, deceived investors, quality of halal products and feminism.

Elima Japarova is sure that after the seminar the creative groups will continue to make special reports or will apply the skills they learned in working on news or ordinary TV-stories.

Based on the results of reviewing the working materials the trainers mentioned about their good quality. Especially it contrasts in comparison with those materials that the participants brought with as a portfolio.

Japarova and V. Muzalevsky, both said that the Special Reprort-making has a good future in Kyrgyzstan.

And V. Nikolaev notes that the all depends on Kyrgyz audience and their ability and desire to analyze media materials.

The workshop TV-training "Produce a special reports on the TV" was conducted by USAID supporting within in the framework of "Access to information" project of Internews.