USAID Celebrates Kyrgyzstanis Successes

USAID, the United States’ Government Agency for International Development, is launching a one-month campaign throughout the Kyrgyz Republic under the title У нас все получится / Ийгиликке бирге жетебиз (We will make it together). The campaign was designed to inform the general public about the work USAID is doing in the country together with the Kyrgyz government, private sector, and civil society. 

  The campaign will showcase concrete examples of how USAID’s assistance is helping Kyrgyzstanis improve their everyday lives. Through videos, audio recordings, and social media the “We will make it together” campaign will celebrate the inspiring successes that were achieved by USAID and tens of thousands of Kyrgzystanis in the health, education, governance, and economic development sectors. 

  “We have achieved a great deal together with the people and government of Kyrgyzstan and I feel that we should make an effort in showing this to the general public,” says USAID Mission Director Gary Linden. “I feel that our common achievements are fairly impressive and a source of great hope for the next generation, and this media campaign was designed to share these inspiring stories with everyone in the country.”

  The “We will make it together” campaign can easily be followed on social media with these hashtags: #унасвсеполучится #wewillmakeitogether #ийгиликебиргежетебиз. USAID Kyrgyz Republic is on Facebook (USAIDKyrgyzRepublic), Instagram (usaidkg) and Twitter (usaidkg). 

  USAID has been an enduring partner of the Kyrgyz people and government since 1992 and remains committed to supporting the country in accelerating its development as a free, democratic, prosperous, and independent nation. Over the last 18 years, USAID has provided more than $750 million in assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic.

  Campaign materials such as posters and photos can be downloaded by journalists and reporters at

  For additional information, please contact Kairatbek Murzakimov: +996 770 770 285,  [email protected]