In Bishkek, Young People Receive Workshops of the Professional Photographer

Students of the Summer School of Journalism Kloop Media learn to do photo reports. 12 young people receive workshops of the professional photographer. DSCF1866

The module on photojournalism consists of five classes. The first workshop focuses on the technical aspects. For example, how to set the camera to those or other tasks in a right way. Besides that, there are also raised issues regarding ethics of photojournalist.

In the practical part, young people walked around the city and shoot at the camera trying to find the right angle. According to Dmitry Motinov, the trainer and media editor of the Kloop Media, the task was difficult enough.

“Exhaust” will be from those, who are interested in it. Just pick up and violently teach a person photography is impossible. If the person is interested, respectively, he takes photos trying to grow somehow” – Dmitry Motinov added.


The participants during the training have already decided on their future profession and decided to devote themselves to journalism.

Omurova Aybiyke, 15 years old

“There are all conditions for training. The difficulty for me was to take an interview. Here everything is explained and specified on errors. When I was 10 years old, I had a desire to become a journalist. I wanted to get to the school since 2014, but permanently missed groups. Only this year it has turned out to find time. Still I am writing a material on young writers. Together with editors, we are still working on this”.

Marat Abdykalykov, 17 years old

“Here I like the atmosphere, the editors communicate with the school very closely. I have learned how to deliver news in a balanced way in order not to deprive that or another side. The main thing is that I want to become a qualitative and good journalist”.

Marat Abdykalykov’s material

The Executive Director of the Kloop Media Galina Gaparova noted that each participant should gain 15 points to receive a status of the school graduate. Only after that, the graduate can work at the Kloop on fee-based. Generally, all journalists are graduates of the Kloop school.

The school promotes increased professional skills of young journalists for improving media environment, promotion of freedom of speech, self-expression and development of pluralism in Kyrgyzstan.

The Summer School of Journalism is supported by Internews for the funds provided by the United States Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID).

Photos are provided by Kloop Media