Dystopian film by a Kyrgyz director hit the prestigious film festival in Italy


Naizabek Sydykov's short fiction dystopian film "The man who had asked" was selected for the 27th annual CAPRI, HOLLYWOOD 2022 International Film Festival.


Every year since 1995 the festival takes place in winter, at the end of the year, from December 26 to January 2 on the sunny island of Capri.


This festival is the first of the most important stages in the global race for the Golden Globe and Oscar Awards. Every year, the event brings together movie stars from all over the world. The festival days include premieres of Italian and foreign films, exhibitions, symposiums and other spectacular events.





The author of the film wonders: could a person stand up to the absurdity of society?


Overview: The near future in Central Asia. Umut, a teenager, realizes that the city mayor and society, promising to build a city of the future, gradually demolishes all buildings. However, the teenager manages to find out that the City of the future will not be built – it has already been in the past, and they are destroying it all...



Commentary from Naizabek Sydykov, the film director:


- This film was created as a dystopia about the future of Central Asia. Through the teenage hero, we learn why the world works this way and not the other one. Why do we only ruin and not build? The film is about breaking down the personality, and destruction of home, society, and the world itself.



The film was created with the support of the "Media-K" Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic, funded by USAID in the Kyrgyz Republic.