“Bolochok” Iternews Media Camp will run for teens


Internews in Kyrgyzstan announced the start of the «Bolochok» Youth Media Program within the Media-K Project framework.

“Bolochok” in translation from Kyrgyz – “the future”. “Bolochok” Media Program is the future of Kyrgyzstani media.

“Bolochok” is a platform where will create opportunities for teens to make their contribution to the country's development, openly and imaginatively to cover the life of their towns, regions and villages, to express opinions through their works, to produce video content, and to keep blogs.

“Bolochok” Media Camp is a seven-day hands-on workshop designed for teenagers in one of the most picturesque places of Kyrgyzstan. They will gain knowledge and skills in media, blogging, SMM from experienced coaches, among them famous directors, journalists, media experts and bloggers of Kyrgyzstan.


In the training program:

  • Storytelling by Film Director, Ruslan Akun
  • Video and editing by media coach, Ibrahim Hassan-Akhunov;
  • Ethics and professional standards in content production from media coach, Elima Dzhaparova
  • Media literacy and critical thinking from media expert, Maksuda Aitieva
  • Basis of media marketing by SMM-Specialist, Ismail Karypov;
  • Basics of self-presentation and motivation, copywriting and working with world brands by the author for several international publications, Azat Marat;
  • The lighting skills from the Technical Director of Internews, Kurmanbek Makeshev.

For the participants of the media camp will be organized games and quests, horseback walks, swimming in the pool, morning workout, and evening national production films watching.

The camp will take place on the territory of the school “Bilimkana-Shabdan” in Chong-Kemin Valley - on the territory of the National Natural Park.

Who may participate in the competitive selection:

  • You are between 14 and 17 years of age;
  • You are fluent in Kyrgyz and interested in creating video content;
  • You have a blog or YouTube channel in Kyrgyz;
  • You live in any of the regions of Kyrgyzstan;
  • You have the opportunity to come and take part in the “Bolochok” Media Camp for eight days (seven days of study and one day of arrival and departure);
  • Your parents or legal guardians sign a letter of consent for your participation in the «Bolochok» media camp.