Media literacy through akyn-improvisers. Internews launches a new project to support akyn-storytellers


In 2022, the Media-K project launches an educational content program to support akyn- improvisers (improvising poets, singers). It aims to teach them new media for a wide coverage of the online audience and to promote media literacy through akyn-improvisers. The program provides training, expert, technical and also scholarship support for content production.

  This year, based on the monitoring of social networks, short lessons are being released on what trolling farms are, how to recognize a fake account and what to do with cyberbullying.     As our regular monitoring shows the scale of hate speech, disinformation and the influence of trolling farms on public discourse in the Kyrgyz Republic is very large. That is why we consider it important to strengthen various forms of communicating the basics of media literacy to the general population.  

From ancient times akyns deliver socially significant values, they were a link between the authorities and the community. They united the people and carried a very important mission in the life of our region.


Kyrgyzstan already has a successful experience in promoting this genre of art within the framework of investigative journalism.


Program period: January - August 2022. How to take part in the contest:

  1. Akyn-storytellers from all regions of Kyrgyzstan can take part in the competition.
  2. To participate in the contest, it is needed to complete the registration form by December

14, 2021.

  1. Needs to provide a link to previously created successful content * for socially relevant


  1. It is necessary to prepare a short motivational letter about your vision in promoting the

produced content about media literacy in social networks (including how interested you are in the topic of media literacy and which platforms in social networks you are ready to participate in).

* Video will be evaluated by its content, with no technical requirements for content production.

Selection criteria:

  • content informational richness, depth of topic disclosure in context, relevance;
  • presentation style and professionalism of material submission, the strength of impact to


  • originality, creativity and style of performance.

Based on the evaluation of applications 20 participants will be selected to be invited to the installation training seminar. Finally, according to its results, 10 participants will be selected for the project.

For all questions, please contact the coordinator for regional journalism of the Media-K project Maksuda Aitieva by [email protected]

The Media Independence Initiative (Media-K) project is funded by USAID and implemented by the Internews Office in Kyrgyzstan in partnership with FHI360. It aims to increase the professionalism and independence of the media, which contribute to improving citizens' access to diverse and balanced, less biased information that helps make informed decisions and reflect public interests.