Training on development of Key Performance Indicators

Training on development of Key Performance Indicators – KPI was held for nearly three dozens of senior staff of Public TV and Radio Corporation of Kyrgyzstan.

The participants of the training were from human resources department, legal and financial departments of KTRK.

The training focused on the following objectives:

  • To understand what Key Performance Indicators are;
  • Identify the main stages in KPI implementation;
  • Develop an understanding of evaluation mechanisms using KPI;
  • Jointly develop an Action Plan for the implementation of KPI at OTRK.

Participants noted the importance of implementing the KPI system in performance evaluation and improving employees’ work. However, many agreed that KPI should be implemented gradually and with a prior large-scale awareness-raising effort.  The Action plan thus now includes the development of job descriptions for each employee as a first step towards implementing a KPI system.

The training demonstrated that any kind of work can be evaluated using KPI and that there are existing evaluation criteria for almost all of the existing positions.

The results of the training were the following: a system of fixed monthly salary demotivate employees, which leads to poor performance; there is a need to implement evaluation system using key performance indicators in order to better motivate employees.

Training on Key Performance Indicators was organised by Internews in Kyrgyzstan on June 25-27, 2015 within the project “Supporting Public Broadcasting” supported by US Agency for International Development USAID