Internews has supported the production of social reality show about girls with disabilities

Public Foundation “Rentgen Media” made this project in the genre, unusual for Central Asia, and the former Soviet Union, where they are accustomed to the socio-dramatic material for people with disabilities. They showed that people with disabilities are just like others but with physical ailment, from which no one is immune. Just like other citizens of the country they have the right to have fun, joke, dance, fall in love, give birth to a child, work and achieve success.
This project was a revelation, and helped to reduce the stigma and stereotypes about persons with disabilities. The life of women with disabilities is shown in a completely new way, without compassion, drama and stereotypes. Participating in the reality show has inspired the girls to the brave achievements and helped erase the stigma and their own complexes. Screen-Shot-2016-06-29-at-2.10.13-PM A participant of the reality show Aziza Iminova 28 years. Thanks to the project, she was able to pass to practice psychology in daily rehabilitation center for people with schizophrenia, “Promotion of Alternatives.” This inspired her to open her own practice after graduation. Also, Aziza is now engaged in the social dancing and horse riding, she participates in many cultural and social events. Life, become saturated and bright, – “I literally fell in love with clients of the Centre, people with schizophrenia, and in a lot of my attitude to these people changed … I realized for myself that the work of a psychologist – is exactly what I wanted to do, and I made no mistake with the choice of profession! In the future I wish to work with clients was diagnosed with schizophrenia, It is interesting…” Another participant Aida Birimkulov 28 year, she suffers from muscular atrophy, a wheelchair. Before the project, she stayed at home. Now she is motivated to engage in professional make-up, to open her own jewelry store that she does herself. She set a plan for the future. She began to live the present, not the past – “… I make different bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I would like to open a shop and to make different jewelry. To bring special blank from other countries because we do not have much in Sokuluk … .I have always wanted, but I’ve been postponing it all the time. After a month or another…Then I go to study or to do something. I think it is the time to do it, and not to leave it for the future … Going to start taking makeup courses. I would like to do make up again. I will start soon. “ Screen-Shot-2016-06-29-at-2.11.27-PM Ukeje Muratalieva 29 years. She is also a participant of the reality show. Ukeje is a public person, an artist-designer. She is also the chairperson of the Movement of the girls with disabilities and deals with the social part of the promotion of the rights of women with disabilities. All these years, she erases the barriers in her mind and in the minds of society. The most important thing to which she came participating in the project, is that she is intended to build her personal life, as she never thought before. Now she plans to have a child, get married. In many ways, she was inspired by the example of a girl from photo shoot, pregnant Chynara Aidaraliev diagnosed with cerebral palsy, who carried and gave birth to a healthy son. – “… The last three years, I actively carry out a photo shoot with the participation of women with disabilities. And we were lucky, we were given this great opportunity to capture our Chynar in such an interesting position … we begin to look for a special material, real, real-life, which we want to use, at exhibitions or in presentations, it turned out we almost have no Asian girls who arranged her life exactly the way they wanted. Chynara, wanted a child and she was pregnant, she had everything going according to a plan … As for my personal life. I will not rush, but I also have plans. If there is such an opportunity, I think to get married or have a baby. What chance will appear first, and then I do…. “ According to the author of the project, Chinar Sydykova, such projects are very important for national television, where the concept of social genre is perceived as something different, with a more negative side. This project has become a kind of a new trend in the social genre – “changing the consciousness of the public, we are changing the laws that allow each of us to be confident in their future, that our rights will be respected, if something would happen to us in life.” Partners of the program and the people involved in the project, even during the shooting process itself admitted that now their views and opinions have changed dramatically, and they understand how their world was limited in relation to people with disabilities. According to dancers and instructors of “CODA” dance studio, it has become an innovation that fact they were able to put in pair dance, the girl in a wheelchair. Having studied the experience of Russian colleagues, they expressed great interest and expressed their desire to try a new direction, where people with disabilities could learn social dancing. Dmitry Bykov – Aziza Iminova s dance partner: “… I have never experienced this and I am interested to set the dance with Aziza, we will do the experiment, the mix of salsa, bachata and tango. We all learn interesting new opportunities … “ For horse riding instructors Camilla Ulanbekovoy Lancer Zhumakmatova training of girls with disabilities to ride a horse, it was a pleasant discovery too. Moreover, they realized that girls are no different from others. Camilla Ulanbekova-assistant instructor in horsemanship: “To be honest, for me it was a very pleasant discovery, I thought it would be hard, but after seeing them, hearing them, I brushed off all the stereotypes, and I can say that they are great lads, and girls. With sissy, which usually come to us and they are not suitable to hold a candle, in contrast to the other, the girls are passionate and nice and it was easy to teach them to ride a horse, and now are thinking to add a new service: to teach riding and people with disabilities … “. Ulan Zhumakmatov– instructor horse riding: “I want to say about Aziza, when I first saw she confidently sits on the horse, I realized she has the ability. as I did in fact professional stunt man, so with confidence, I can say that Aziza inborn rider and Ukeje girl leader in everything I used to know her, there was a fashion show and even then realized that she was a strong leader, a young business-woman. The administration of the shopping center “BISHKEK PARK”, which largely contributes to civil society activists for the rights of people with disabilities by joining and supporting social activities in every way, was also willing to cooperate with the project in the shooting process. Moreover, thanks to them, the audience visiting a large shopping center begins to recognize the life and abilities of people with disabilities, erasing stereotypes. Zhanara Shayyrbekova marketer, TC “BISHKEK PARK”: “… Our center is interested in social activities; we support all actions and events that would carry a new, cultural and positive in our country. Your project is interesting to us. We are always ready to support your work in the territory of our center… Bishkek coffee shop “Chocolate” also assisted in the shooting process, providing premises for filming. Moreover, they organized a shopping area for visitors with the work of people with disabilities. Gulyaim Ayylchy – manager of the coffee shop “Chocolate”: “… It is not the first time we work with Ukeje Muratalieva and we know her works, achievements, successes. Moreover, we are learning a lot from her, and had long learned to accept people with disabilities as well as all customers and partners. Your project is very interesting for us and I think it is useful for our country! … “ Upon completion of the project, the authors intend to promote actively the project, re-distributing it to all the national television channels as well as on the Internet and on social networks. There a consideration of subtitles in English for more coverage of the audience around the world. The project is looking for sources of funding for the continuation of season 2. The authors plan to make it a long-term and more effective. TV project a reality show “Real girls” PF “Rentgen Media” has been implemented with the support of Internews in the framework of the program of small grants, with funds provided by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Valentina Galich Representation of Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic Photos and video from the official website of the project of PF “Rentgen Media”