11 Journalistic investigations have started In Kyrgyzstan

In June 2016, 11 journalistic investigations have started for the purpose of promotion of culture of transparency and accountability in Kyrgyzstan. Ten organizations of civil society in a tandem with journalists have received small grants on carrying out journalistic investigations of such socially significant subjects as: — A corruption scheme on sale of property of trade unions’ Federation. — A lack of access to education of children with limited opportunities, and also a lack of the specialized training program and conditions for training. — A presence of a corruption component in the construction business, control of houses under construction, which resulted in an impaired quality of the construction of residential houses. — On violence in a family of women of a risk group. — A lack of access to professional education of graduates of special schools for with mental retardation in southern Kyrgyzstan. — Consequences of adoption of the bill of foreign agents on restriction of activities of nongovernmental and non-profit organizations of Kyrgyzstan. — A refusal to issue of a registration for ethnic Kyrgyz (kairylmany), thereby there are infringements of their rights. — Identification of the facts, when the rights of the center of rehabilitation of people with disabled opportunities of health have been violated and have not protected within the law, but ignored by competent people. — KR violations of the law concerning safe food of children of an early age by the public and commercial institutions. — Investigations of the reasons of internal and external growth migration in Batken region and of threat of border safety. — Illegal privatization of kindergarten buildings. These investigations are supported within the framework of the EU-Internews “Media and civil participation in the processes of transparency and accountability”.