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Media community’s statement about the azattyk.org website blocking

The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Kyrgyz Republic blocked the Azattyk.org website, grossly violating the law "On Protection from False (False) Information".  This illegitimate decision should be urgently...

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Date: 27 октября 2022

The Matraimovs’ lawsuit against media: litigation terminated

Since the beginning, Internews in the Kyrgyz Republic has observed the course of legal proceedings on the lawsuit against the investigative journalist Ali Toktakunov, as well as Azattyk media...

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Date: 28 апреля 2021

Fake accounts and their relationship with politicians in Kyrgyzstan

  The removal of about 400 fake Facebook accounts seen manipulating public opinion during elections is the first reaction from a global platform of this magnitude in the Kyrgyz...

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Date: 18 января 2021

Media organizations urge to investigate attacks on journalists on the election day

  Civil society condemns the facts of obstruction of coverage of the parliamentary elections and encroachments on the personal safety of journalists and calls for bringing all those responsible...

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Date: 5 октября 2020