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Press statement. The claims of the Ministry of Culture to «Azattyk» must be called off

  The media community has demanded the Ministry of Culture call off the lawsuit against Azattyk Media and stop putting pressure on independent media. The Ministry of Culture, Information,...

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Date: 24 января 2023

Kyrgyzstan forfeits the right of free speech

Kyrgyz civil society, international institutions and official foreign representatives have expressed sharp disapproval of investigative journalist Bolot Temirov's exclusion from the country.   There is a fierce attack on...

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Date: 24 ноября 2022

Kyrgyzstan: Spate of Criminal Cases Against Journalists

  Stop Harassing Independent Media; Release Editor    Kyrgyzstan authorities have stepped up the harassment of journalists and independent media with a slew of criminal investigations into their work in...

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Date: 1 апреля 2022

OCCRP Condemns Growing State Pressure Against Independent Media in Kyrgyzstan

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is deeply concerned by the Kyrgyz government’s mounting assault on press freedom. Just within the last few weeks, OCCRP fellow Bolot...

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Date: 11 февраля 2022

Daniil Kislov: “In Central Asia, There Is No Demand For Quality News And Professional Journalism”

Today the Chief Editor of the news agency “Ferghana.Ru” Daniil Kislov, within the framework of the meeting-seminar FIDH with human rights activists of Kyrgyzstan, took the floor regarding “Freedom...

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Date: 8 июня 2016