Effective Communication and Innovations for local Communities

Women-activists from all regions of Kyrgyzstan received an excellent experience of use of new communication devices in their activities in a three-day event of international partner coalition on women's leadership held in Bishkek from 24 to 26 June with name - "Laboratory of Creativity and Innovation: Young Women Leaders for Solidarity and Social Change !" .

This Lab organized by human rights movement “Bir Duino – Kyrgyzstan” has invited as an expert Valentina Galich, the Internews Network’s staff-member. Since May 2017, she also takes functions of director in Association of Common Media (ACM).

Valentina Galich in interactive presentation told about new approaches taken in use of new communication devices. She showed examples of successful experience of mobile apps and online services in indigenous areas for improving access to info and holding socially significant actions and events, as well as solving everyday problems of commons.

Inspired of the ideas proposed, Lab participants presented several interesting projects under women’s problems, which could be fixed by use of new IT and internet-technologies. Those target problems of domestic violence, reproduction health care, early marriages and women’s unemployment.
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